Woman says she acts like her boyfriend’s mom and people have mixed reactions

A lady has sparked a debate after claiming that the love she has for her boyfriend makes her act like his “mother,” and {that a} man who’s “truly in love will act like a child”.

In a TikTok video posted on 3 January, Lucía, who goes by @lucia.davoo on TikTok, shared clips of herself and a person who seems to be her boyfriend. In the textual content overlaying the video, and within the the voice captions, a person describes what a relationship between a person and lady is like when they’re “truly in love”.

“When a boy is truly in love, he will act like a child,” the textual content reads. “But when a girl is truly in love, she will act like a mother.”

This clip has greater than 6.2M views thus far, with TikTok customers expressing mixed emotions over the video, as some have claimed that the dynamic in Lucía and her boyfriend’s relationship is harking back to psychologist Sigmund Freud’s theories.

Some people have claimed that the couple’s relationship could possibly be an instance of the Oedipus complicated, a concept developed by Freud, which “refers to the child’s desire for sexual involvement with the opposite sex parent,” in line with Verywell Mind. More particularly, this generally is a results of a boy’s sexual attraction to his mom, which is “kept out of conscious awareness through repression.”

“Freud has done it again,” one person wrote, whereas a distinct one claimed: “Sigmund would be overjoyed by this news.”

Someone else joked: “Every day y’all get on the internet and prove Freud right.”

Another viewer, @joan.milbs, shared a video of herself responding to Lucía. In the response video, Joan appeared shocked, whereas the caption stated: “FREUD WOULD HAVE A FIELD DAY WITH THIS Y’ALL.”

“ARE WE ABSOLUTELY SURE WHAT DIRECTION WE’RE GOING???” Joan wrote within the caption.

Other viewers took problem with the suggestion that girls in relationships ought to tackle a mother-like function and that it’s okay for males to behave like kids, with some explaining that they might by no means desire a relationship the place their vital different acts like a baby.

“When a boy is truly in love he will not expect his girlfriend to be his second mom,” one TikTok person wrote.

Another stated: “…Well, have fun babysitting your boyfriend. Sounds like a healthy and mature relationship.”

However, there have been additionally some who disagreed with the criticism and the claims that the video was an instance of the Oedipus complicated, as one viewer stated: “I don’t think it means the women will act like the man’s mother. More like she wants to take care of him, protect, care, support and nurture.”

Speaking to The Independent, Lucía, whose response was translated utilizing Google Translate, addressed the criticism of the video.

“I think there has been a lot of confusion regarding the audio,” she defined. “I didn’t use it with the intention of describing my relationship with him at all. I simply saw a video with that audio and used it, without thinking about the consequences that it would bring.”

“The truth is that I think that everything has been taken to an extreme since it is a simple video that has been very wrongly interpreted,” she added. “The fact of “boy” refers to when he’s foolish or makes me giggle and the very fact of mom could possibly be mirrored in small particulars comparable to reminding him to deliver a jacket, simply caring for him simply like he does me.”

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