Wish I started treatment for cancer one and a half years again: Antim director Mahesh Manjrekar | Bollywood


The actor-filmmaker reveals that it was throughout capturing for Antim: The Final Truth that he realised that what appeared like a benign situation was bladder cancer

What gave the impression to be a benign situation turned out to be bladder cancer for Mahesh Manjrekar. And in August this yr, the actor-filmmaker underwent a surgical procedure to get his cancerous cells eliminated. He tells us, “I was undergoing treatment for overactive bladder for one and a half years. But one day during the shoot of Antim: The Final Truth, I began bleeding. So, I had to go and get it checked. Turned out I had cancer all the while. I could have saved my bladder if I started the treatment for cancer one and a half years back.”

Majrekar went via 4 rounds of chemotherapy for three months because the shoot for Antim: The Final Truth continued. “Salman (Khan; actor) insisted that I go abroad and get the treatment done but I trusted our doctors here. I wasn’t too affected by chemo and thought that I might as well finish the film. And anyway after the surgery, I needed three months to recuperate,” he shares.

He, nonetheless, selected to maintain the well being ordeal hidden from the general public eye. Talking about it, the 63-year-old says, “I had instructed everyone around me to not talk about it. So many people get cancer and hence, I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It could also have appeared as if I’m asking for sympathy.”

As for the movie, Manjrekar, together with the workforce, was all set for its digital launch. But it was at that cut-off date that the announcement to reopen cinemas happened. “We thought that if the film releases digitally, everybody will be safe because there will be nothing to lose. It wasn’t one of those films for which we weren’t getting buyers. It’s a big-budget film but the money involved isn’t humongous. But Salman took a stand and said that we should release it theatrically first,” he concludes.

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