What to Expect From the Yellowjackets Finale

Ah, the place can we even start?! 

From cannibalism to sacrifices, séances to senate races—oh, and that jaw-dropping homicide final week—Yellowjackets has saved us all on our toes…and made our stomachs churn. Now as the finale for the star-studded Showtime sequence approaches on Sunday, Jan. 16, we’re racing to Reddit to talk about fan theories for what solutions (if any!) we’ll get forward of season two. 

“There’s like a million theories right now and it’s so fun to read everyone’s ideas,” Samantha Hanratty, who performs Misty, the eerie “doctor” of the group, solely informed E! News. “I don’t even have all the answers so I’m like, ‘Oh shoot, that makes sense!’ Like, there are things that people are saying that I’m like, ‘That could be….'” 

And Hanratty is not the solely star who has been entertained by the rumors swirling of what precisely the Yellowjackets workforce has to disguise. 

“I know actors shouldn’t do this but I’ve been going all over Reddit and I’ve read everything,” Sophie Thatcher, who portrays teen Natalie, the “huntress” of the survivors, mentioned. “It’s so hard not to with this show, there are so many interesting theories.”

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