Tina Arena slams lockdowns on Instagram Live


Hours after her explosive TV interview, Tina Arena slammed lockdowns and urged her followers to vote out Dan Andrews in a candid Instagram video.

Australian music legend Tina Arena slammed Australia’s ongoing lockdowns and inspired her followers to vote out Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, in a candid Instagram Live video posted hours after her headline-making Studio 10 interview on Friday.

Arena slammed the dearth of assist given to these within the leisure trade all through the pandemic throughout an impassioned interview on Studio 10.

That night time, a relaxed Arena sipped from a martini as she was joined by the members of the Australian comedy troupe Sooshi Mango for a 70-minute dialogue on Instagram Live.

Midway by way of the video, Arena returned to the subject she’d spoken so passionately about on-air earlier that day.

She revealed that she had demanded her May Enchante nationwide tour go forward regardless of warnings from her tour promoter about the potential for looming lockdowns (by what she calls “divine intervention”, the tour completed simply earlier than the present Delta outbreak plunged many Australian cities again into prolonged lockdowns).

“I refuse, as a woman, to be told what it is that I should do. I know not everybody is going to understand, but I absolutely refuse to buy in to propaganda, and I turned around and said to myself: ‘I believe in this show, and I believe we need to just get on with our lives,’” she revealed.

“The work and the risks of what we do on a live level is very difficult for all of you to understand,” she informed these watching, noting Sooshi Mango’s personal upcoming comedy tour had now been postponed twice. Arena stated she believed their rescheduled tour dates of January 2022 would go forward, telling them she didn’t suppose lockdowns can be an appropriate observe by subsequent yr.

“If any of the states think they have the jurisdiction to continue to lock people up in 2022, there’s something very, very wrong in this country. It’s something that’s completely unrealistic,” she stated.

Melbourne-based Arena additionally appeared to induce her followers to vote out Victorian Premier Dan Andrews on the subsequent state election, encouraging them to “take the time to think about who they want to direct this state.”

“When it comes time to vote for those that we choose to work for us, perhaps next time around we pay a little bit more attention as to who we wish to be at the steering wheel. Because quite honestly, it has been the greatest disappointment when a city as beautiful as ours, which was deemed the most liveable in the world … when you look at it now, it’s not at all the most liveable city in the world. I really hope that when it comes to the next election, people take the time to think about who it is they want to direct this state,” she stated.

“I really hope Victorians really take the time to think about that over the next 12 months before we go to the polls, because I will be going to the polls with a much different intention.”

An impassioned Arena drew widespread reward for her extraordinary Studio 10 interview on Friday, wherein she slammed the double requirements between sporting and musical occasions and declared Australian artists needs to be “done” lending their skills to charitable causes given how little assist they’ve obtained through the pandemic.

“If anything goes wrong, the artistic community has always lifted their sleeves up. We’ve gone in there and done what we needed to do. We’re very happy to play that role to help people – it’s what we do,” she informed interviewer Angela Bishop.

“Now we’re in trouble, is someone helping us? No. It’s amazing how people just fly away and disappear, however they’re very quick to ask us to work for free, to relinquish any kind of renumeration from sales of record.

“You know what? DONE. We’re done, and now we’re saying it. Just stop this ridiculous, preposterous behaviour. It’s got to stop.”

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