The dangers of sleeping while sitting: Can it be deadly?


Have you ever gone right into a deep slumber while working in your pc or your desktop? As snug as it might have been, did you then expertise a horrible again ache, stiffness in your neck and shoulders? If sure, then it is because of lengthy hours of sitting and being immobile. While sleeping while sitting and even standing up is a standard phenomenon within the animal kingdom, the human physique shouldn’t be accustomed to such follow.

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Being inactive in a seated place can take a heavy toll in your joints and will stiffen them up. It may additionally elevate your danger of extreme illnesses resembling deep-vein thrombosis. That mentioned, allow us to check out the dangers of sleeping while sitting and discover out if it can be deadly.

Sleeping while sitting might be snug, however can result in stiff joints and again ache

We typically get snug on our chairs, nod off on our desks while working. Our college days would have been incomplete with out such situations. However, doing so incessantly can be extremely problematic in phrases of well being.

Being immobile and in a single place may cause again and physique aches, which can destroy our postures too. Immobility also can result in stiff joints and will have painful repercussions. Stretching is taken into account to be an effective way to enhance flexibility, posture and forestall joint stiffness. While laying down on a mattress to sleep might assist us stretch out our limbs and joints, sleeping while sitting can impair blood circulation, prohibit actions, resulting in additional issues.

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Beware of deep vein thrombosis, a potential final result sitting for lengthy hours

Apart from the brief time period issues, sleeping while sitting also can make you extra susceptible to deep vein thrombosis, which happens when a blood clot, also referred to as thrombus, types in a number of of the deep veins in your physique, particularly legs. It can be a destructive final result of lengthy hours of sleeping in a single place or sleeping while sitting, with no actions in any respect.

If the situation is left undiagnosed or untreated, this will likely result in an emergency state of affairs, even trigger demise in extreme circumstances. The greatest danger happens when half of the clot breaks off and travels to the lung or mind, leading to vital injury, inflicting sudden deaths.

The National Blood Clot Alliance means that over 200 folks die every single day from the results of a blood clot. One can develop a clot at 25 and even on the age of 85 years.

Symptoms to be careful for

The essential signs of deep vein thrombosis are as follows.

– Swelling and soreness in calf muscle tissues, ankle or foot

– Reddened, heat pores and skin, ensuing from an irritation

– Sudden ankle or foot ache

Are there any advantages to sleeping sitting upright?

It is at all times advisable to resort to a recliner, if you wish to sleep while sitting. While one should keep away from such a sleeping place, it might be helpful for pregnant girls, discovering it troublesome to sleep laying down. It can also be an effective way to sleep for folks struggling with sleep apnea, a sleep problem that takes place when an individual’s respiration is interrupted throughout sleep. It also can ease acid reflux disease and will assist folks coping with gastrointestinal issues to sleep extra effectively.

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