The Block production schedule scrapped amid Josh and Luke cheating saga


Scott Cam has made a drastic, never-before-seen transfer in response to an explosive cheating scandal on The Block unfolding this week.

The Block host Scott Cam has erupted after it was revealed contestants Luke and Josh used a stolen picture of the production schedule to safe their first win of the season.

The dangerous boy twins received Sunday’s main bedroom and walk-in gown room reveal, however aggrieved rivals Ronnie and Georgia referred to as them out for cheating, with the scandal additional unfurling in Monday’s episode.

While the twins have now admitted to taking part in soiled, prompting Scott Cam to furiously intervene, the unique supply of the sneaky picture is but to be unveiled.

Meanwhile, the contestants are nonetheless reeling over Josh and Luke’s win, with a post-judging walk-through leading to widespread confusion over how they beat Ronnie and Georgia’s gorgeous providing.

“I’m really confused what that room … how did that win, seriously,” mentioned Vito.

“It was the worst painted room I’ve seen this season,” Ronnie mentioned, whereas Kirsty weighed in: “Judge’s are off their chops.”

Not solely had the brothers been praised for his or her styling – for which that they had a hand in from Luke’s fiance Olivia — they had been additionally counseled for taking the danger of constructing their bed room on the devoted storage house.

Across the episode, nevertheless, livid couple Ronnie and Georgia had claimed the one motive the boys had the foresight to push plans by means of council to change their storage house round was as a result of they knew main bedroom week was looming, all due to the schedule leak.

“Josh, Luke and their builder Ryan come to ours, and I think they’re a couple of bevvies deep, and they show us a photo,” Georgia recalled, to which Ronnie clarified that they solely appeared “for like three seconds.”

“And what was on that photo was the whole production schedule plus the challenge schedule … someone has broken in to Scotty’s office and taken that photo. Basically, they have this information which is a massive advantage,” the couple defined, with Ronnie declaring that every one their factors from day one must be stripped.

After venting their frustrations to production, Ronnie and Georgia confronted the pair, leading to an unpleasant conflict.

The Block is the biggest game in Australia, so for somebody to have the full schedule knowing what each week is going to be, plus the challenges, is the biggest cheating scandal in TV history,” Ronnie dramatically put to the boys.

“Shut up Hollywood, it’s bullsh*t mate, you’re talking f****ing rubbish,” yelled Luke.

“You guys had this knowledge too, your builder had this knowledge, it’s only been since you’ve had this bad loss that you’ve gone ‘well hang on this is unfair’,” he put again on the couple.

“We didn’t want any part of it, we said to our builder we don’t want any part of this, we wanna play truthfully and honestly … I don’t want to get kicked off the show for cheating,” Georgia responded.

Conceding that he had cheated to get the win, Luke informed producers that “others cheated too,” revealing that he acquired the picture in a textual content message presumably from one other contestant, who he refused to call.

But earlier than any additional benefits may very well be taken, Scott Cam stepped in to make sure the present schedule was scrapped.

“Part of the challenge contestants face is having to start a new room from scratch every Monday and deliver it by the following Sunday,” he defined,

“Anyone with a copy of the schedule basically gains 12 weeks of pre-planning, and would be ready to hit the ground running on every single room.”

Calling Ronnie, Georgia, Luke and Josh into his workplace the place the offending schedule was snapped, Cam gave the groups a scolding.

“You’ve only ever seen this on a photograph haven’t you? Now you’ve got it for real.

“It’s every room reveal and challenge and it’s all been set out here so you guys can deliver a house and I can make a TV show. But take a really good look at it right now because here it is for one minute and now, it’s gone,” he mentioned, erasing the whiteboard.

“There is going to be no schedule. It’s all changed from here,” he informed them.

Explaining what it means going ahead, the host informed the complete forged in the course of the ‘winners are grinners’ dinner that after the “unbelievable” incident, issues had been going to be a lot more durable on The Block.

“Just for all of you to know, that production schedule is now gone and we’re doing a hard reset.

“At the end of the day ultimately who’s going to pay the price is you guys and your builders.

“That schedule was meticulously planned with lots of meetings with Keith and Dan and myself and our building teams to make sure we stayed ahead of you guys, to make sure you had a roof over the space that you were building, and to make sure the suppliers and sponsors had all the gear ready to go into the room that you were doing this week.”

“But now it’s all gone hasn’t it,” he mentioned, warning: “Now I’m just going to pick a random room each week and you guys are going to have to deliver it, so good luck with that.”

In an additional twist to the scandal — one group stayed suspiciously quiet in the course of the drama, with Georgia now satisfied bubbly ‘faves’ Tania and Vito know greater than they’re letting on.

The Block continues Tuesday evening from 7.30 on Channel 9

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