Teenager gives birth to UK’s smallest premature baby in 20 years

A younger mom has given birth to an toddler that’s believed to be the UK’s smallest premature baby in 20 years.

Ellie Paton, 17, welcomed her daughter, Hannah, on 30 December, who was born prematurely after 25 weeks of being pregnant.

Ms Paton and her companion, Brandon Stibbles, had been warned that their daughter won’t survive prior to the supply.

After attending a 22-week scan at Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, docs knowledgeable the couple that their baby was the scale of a 16-week foetus.

Ms Paton was then recognized with pre-eclampsia, which is a situation that impacts some pregnant girls, normally through the second half of being pregnant (from 20 weeks) or quickly after their baby is delivered.

According to the NHS, signs could embrace: extreme complications, imaginative and prescient issues akin to blurring or flashing, ache slightly below the ribs, and vomiting.

The couple hadn’t set a date for the C-section when, on 29 December, Ms Paton awakened with abdomen and chest pains and was taken to the hospital to ship her daughter.

Hannah was born weighing 325g (11oz) after having been given a 20 per cent likelihood of surviving by docs.

(Brandon Stibbles / SWNS)

The toddler continues to be being monitored in hospital; Ms Paton and Mr Stibbles have been instructed that the earliest they’re possible to find a way to convey her house is in April, when she was initially due.

“It was just scary all the time,” says Ms Paton of the supply.

“We are allowed to put our hands in the incubator, I have held her once – she sleeps on a thing called ‘the nest’,” she provides.

“When the nurse changed it I got to hold her up. It will be pretty soon we’re able to hold her.”

The UK’s smallest baby prior to Hannah was thought to be Aaliyah Hart, who weighed 340g (12oz) when she was born in 2003.

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