Sydney mum accidentally named her five kids after slang terms for drugs


When a Sydney mum introduced the identify of her fourth son, her greatest good friend burst out in uncontrollable laughter. And then it clicked.

Jazz was closely pregnant with her fourth son when her husband’s good friend came visiting for a go to.

It was a special day as Jazz and her husband-at-the-time had lastly settled on a reputation for the newborn: Oscar.

But after they introduced it, their good friend instantly burst into loud laughter.

“He was hysterically laughing which made me confused… then he called the baby ‘an ounce’ and it finally clicked,” the Sydney mum-of-five advised Kidspot.

Jazz says that till that second she hadn’t realised that individuals referred to an “ounce bag of marijuana” as an ‘Oscar’.

She instantly burst out laughing – however then fell silent when it turned obvious that her husband’s good friend wasn’t completed.

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Jazz listened in shock as the person identified that her older three sons’ names additionally adopted the identical theme.

Charlie was cocaine, and Harry was heroin, I couldn’t see the Max connection at first – however he advised me it’s a drink that has had GHB and amphetamines in it,” she recollects.

“I was half mortified and half hysterically laughing, hoping no one would ever pick up on it.”

‘I chose my sons’ names for a purpose’

This was the primary time Jazz had made any connection between her sons’ names and “drug slang terms”.

She explains that it was a coincidence – and revealed why she had chosen every of her sons’ names.

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Her first son Max was named after her now-ex-husband prompt it – which she had initially disliked.

“I thought it was a joke because it was such an old man’s name to me,” she provides.

“But the day of my baby shower, I asked my husband if he was serious about the name – he said yes, he loved it and somehow in that second I did too.”

Jazz’s now-ex additionally selected the identify Charlie, which they might have used even when the newborn was a woman.

“Harry was named after my grandfather Harold who passed away while I was pregnant with him,” Jazz explains.

“I was devastated they’d never meet – so I wanted him to have his name.”

‘I accidentally named my daughter after a drug slang term too’

Although Jazz was initially a bit embarrassed that she had accidentally named all her kids after drugs – she quickly discovered the entire thing fairly humorous.

“Over time I realised how hilarious it was and we’d point it out to people, who laughed just as hard with us about it.”

Incredibly, Jazz ended up unintentionally persevering with the identify development with her fifth little one – over 10 years later.

“My mum had always said she loved the name Billy Jo, (her name is Jo) and wished she could change her name to that, it just always stuck with me, and I loved it,” she explains.

“It wasn’t until later that I realised that Billy is a slang term for a bong… again we’d accidentally followed the same theme.

“None of it was intentional which always makes me laugh.

“But I absolutely love their names, and would choose them all again, I can’t imagine them being anything else. My take from it – always find some humour in your life.”

This article initially appeared on Kidspot and was reproduced with permission

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