Susanna Reid praised for comments about ‘Covid failures’ on Good Morning Britain


Susanna Reid has been praised for her comments about “Covid failures” on the newest episode of Good Morning Britain.

The host introduced the ITV present alongside Richard Madeley on Monday (18 October).

During the episode, Conservative MP Stephen Barclay was invited on to debate a report about what was described within the section as the federal government’s “Covid failures”.

Reid and Madeley questioned the MP on whether or not he believed the delayed response to Covid-19 “cost lives”.

Madeley proceeded to surmise viewer suggestions to the federal government’s actions, stating: “I have to say the majority of people are surprisingly forgiving and are actually saying they understand the reasons for some of the mistakes wasn’t malpractice, but it was basically scientific ignorance.

“There are others, however who are extremely angry, particularly those who lost loves ones in care homes. But on the whole, you seem to be getting away with it.”

Here, Reid interjected: “Sorry, I take issue with that. There’s a litany of mistakes. I’m afraid you haven’t got away with anything. As this report shows too many things were done too late. But we appreciate your time.”

“Thank heavens for @susannareid100, at least she was trying to hold the minister to account,” one viewer wrote, with one other including: “Susanna Reid…well done for summing it up and closing it down.”

Susanna Reid ‘took issue’ with Richard Madeley level on ‘Good Morning Britain’


One viewer, referencing Madeley’s comparisons to Steve Coogan’s comedy creation Alan Partridge, added: “Reid just put Alan Partridge on the naughty step!”

Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden replied: “Good work @susannareid100 they only get away with it if we let them…and you didn’t.”

It was highlighted by many who Madeley wasn’t expressing his personal opinion about the federal government. however was merely referencing the suggestions obtained from GMB viewers.

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