Skin expert goes viral on TikTok after claiming you ‘shouldn’t wash your face every day’

A TikTok video from a pores and skin expert primarily based within the US has gone viral after she instructed that we shouldn’t be washing our faces every day.

Nicole Caroline, an aesthetician from Greenwich, Connecticut, who calls herself the “skin whisperer”, shared the eight-second clip together with her 86,000 thousand followers just for it to rapidly garner thousands and thousands of views.

In the clip, Caroline is seen spinning round in a swivel chair whereas singing: “Don’t wash your face in the morning, unless you have acne, please stop doing it. Thank you.”

In a caption excessive, she added: “You just need a simple rinse with cool water!!! I promise!!”

More than 2,000 individuals have since commented on the video disputing the recommendation.

One person dubbed it “the worst advice in the world”, whereas one other known as it “the best advice [they have] ever received”.

However, because the video went viral, Caroline determined to create a follow-up video providing additional clarification to followers.

“If you are cleansing properly at night, there is no reason to use cleanser on your face again in the morning,” she mentioned.

“All you need is a rinse with cool water or ice and to pat dry.’

“A lot of the comments were from people saying their skin was too oily to ever cut out washing in the morning.

“However, what they don’t realise is they are causing more oil production by over-cleansing and trying to ‘wash’ the oil away.”

The aesthetician added: “We want to create balance and homeostasis. Destroying your acid mantle by cleansing multiple times a day is definitely not the way to go about that. You should also be double cleansing at night.

“This will begin to balance your oil production, so you will not feel the need to cleanse again in the morning.”

However, she mentioned that there are “exceptions” and that finally, everybody ought to “always listen to [their skin]”.

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