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His latest launch, Bhuj: The Pride of India, fetched him good critiques, and Sharad Kelkar couldn’t be happier. What he counts as the very best praise is individuals telling him they may solely see the character, and not him.

“For any actor, the best thing is people seeing the character and not actor in the film. If you look and be the part, that is a compliment. People never saw me in the film, and that is the victory of an actor,” says the 45-year-old, who performed the position of Army officer Ram Karan.

While his tv exhibits and movies all gave him sufficient alternatives to show himself, there are certain to be a few of them which Kelkar had to take up for numerous causes different than simply the position. And the actor admits that he did compromise typically.

“Obviously yes. I am a common man, I have to run my house also. If I was single and didn’t have that responsibility then yes I can take that chance of doing stuff which I want to do. But I am a family man and have responsibilities, so sometimes I don’t think about it,” he admits.

He in actual fact questions what’s mistaken about it. “Somebody is making a project with passion, respecting me and giving me a role, and paying me too. I don’t think there is anything wrong. Work is work, I will give my 100 percent whether it is a small or a big film, web show or TV, anchoring an event… rest is the luck of the project,” he explains

The actor feels it’s a ‘miracle’ that a number of the tasks that he anticipated the least from, turned out to be fairly nicely. He says, “You never know what will turn into gold. The only policy I follow is keep on working and giving your 100 percent. Rest, you leave it in the hands of God. You must have heard from a lot of actors, and a prominent one is Akshay Kumar, that 70 percent is luck and 30 percent is hard work, we have to leave something to luck also. You can’t be perfect every time, you might go right or wrong.”

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