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Transform your sparse and overly-tweezed eyebrows with this pencil from Benefit Cosmetics. You can create natural-looking, hair-like strokes that keep in place for as much as 12 hours. The waterproof pencil’s tip is retractable, which implies you will by no means have to fret about having a sharpener readily available. There’s additionally a forehead brush on the opposite finish of the pencil so you’ll be able to mix your bros to perfection.

There are so many eyebrow pencils on the market, however one Sephora shopper insisted, “I switched from ABH Brow Definer (which is the thicker pencil) and got a sample of this pencil and found it much easier to apply. I have very thin sparse brows, so filling them in is such a chore, but so much easier with the finer tip. The shade is perfect for me too.”

Another buyer shared, “I have used almost all eyebrow products out there and this is by far my favorite for many reasons. It doesn’t sweat off immediately, smudge, look waxy, or run out immediately. Has easy application, unlike products such as the dip brow that dries up immediately, and isn’t too dry of a product that you have to apply layers in one spot to get pigment, unlike the brow wiz.”

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