Scott Morrison: PM hangs up in 4BC interview with Neil Breen


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hung up on a radio host with out saying goodbye after being requested a query that he didn’t appear to love.

Scott Morrison says Australia ought to transfer in the direction of a house quarantine system as an alternative of counting on inns as soon as vaccination targets are reached.

The Prime Minister’s feedback got here throughout an interview on Brisbane radio station 4BC which ended awkwardly when he hung up after being quizzed about Australia’s relationship with US President Joe Biden.

Mr Morrison outlined the house quarantine plan when requested how he felt about Queensland’s two week pause on interstate hotspot arrivals because of the state’s resort quarantine system being full.

“We need to move to home quarantine,” Mr Morrison stated.

“Right now in South Australia, they’re running the trial for home quarantine. And that’s exactly what can begin to be introduced once we hit 70 per cent.”

Mr Morrison stated he wished to see house quarantine grow to be the “norm”.

“To the extent we need to continue to have quarantine going forward, then what we need is for that to be for international travellers, for the workers that are necessary to come in to Queensland and for backpackers to come back and all of these sorts of things who are vaccinated,” he stated.

“That’s what, if there is a need for quarantine once you passed 80 per cent of those who were vaccinated, then that’s what that should be for. I want to see home quarantine become the norm.”

The Prime Minister was later requested by host Neil Breen if he had spoken to the US president since Kabul fell to the Taliban.

“No, I haven’t as yet. I anticipate doing that not too far away,” he answered.

“Is that disappointing that he hasn’t contacted you? We are a pretty strong ally,” the radio host requested.

“Well, we are. And that’s not affected by it. I mean, we’ve been in constant contact with those who have been running these operations,” Mr Morrison responded.

“Well, he contacted Spain and Italy and France and all these other mobs,” the radio host stated.

The subject then turned to Pfizer vaccines and studies the Australian authorities had “made representations” urging the superpower to ship extra Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

“He didn’t give us Pfizer vaccine. I think we’re on the nose with him,” Mr Breen continued.

“No, not at all. I mean, I just don’t agree with that,” the Prime Minister shot again.

“I’ve been dealing with the United States on many issues and we continue to do that. I’m not precious about these things. I just focus on getting the job done.”

But because the 4BC host thanked Mr Morrison for his time and bid him farewell, the PM hung up the cellphone.

“OK, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, thanks so much for your time on 4BC Breakfast,” Mr Breen stated.

“There he is. I don’t think he liked the questions on Joe Biden.”

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