Relatively Famous Stars Talk Growing Up in the Public Eye

Growing up with well-known dad and mom is not all enjoyable and video games. 

Sure, the life-style comes with loads of perks however as the Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules forged discusses in this sneak peek clip of tomorrow’s premiere, dwelling in the limelight—particularly as a toddler—may be extraordinarily difficult. 

“For me, it was like you can’t go to restaurants, you can’t go to the mall, you can’t go anywhere,” says mannequin and DJ Myles O’Neal, whose dad and mom are NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and actuality matriarch Shaunie O’Neal

“Every place, they’d have to, like, shut it down,” Myles continues. “Like, they shut down certain stores in the mall so we could go in…I was like, ‘I need some f—king boxers.'”

Hana Giraldo, the daughter of rock icons Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, can actually relate. “My mom couldn’t go anywhere, either,” she responds. “And she’d be, like, hidden.”

“We had the paparazzi problem,” provides Harry James Thornton, whose dad is Academy Award successful actor Billy Bob Thornton.

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