Oh Look, 25 Glorious Secrets About Hocus Pocus Revealed


17. Katz’s subsequent function after taking part in Grateful Dead fan Max Dennison was a Deadhead…however for actual. However, the nickname Max was given within the film by bullies Ice and Jay did prolong past the Hocus Pocus set.

“Right after making this movie I went and followed The Grateful Dead for like three or four years and that was my Grateful Dead lot name: Hollywood,” Katz instructed E! News. “Everybody used to say, ‘What’s up, Hollywood?!'”

And no, he did not maintain onto Max’s tie-dye shirt from the film to put on. “I was making my own, man,” he stated. 

18. The younger trio from the movie—Katz, Shaw and Birch—have remained shut all through the years, particularly after reuniting for the twentieth Anniversary on the Walt Disney Studio Lot in 2013. “It was like, ‘Oh wait, we love each other, why aren’t we hanging out?!'” Shaw stated. “[We] went out for dinner one Halloween, it was perfect. We’re still connected after that.” 

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