Nick Cordero & Amanda Kloots’ Heartwarming, Heartbreaking Love Story


The plan was to be consuming tomato and mozz, solely this time with child Elvis rocking close by, when the home was completed.

Instead, when Nick went into the hospital, Amanda remained with Elvis in Zach Braff’s visitor home, the place they’d been staying through the renovation. Eventually her brother and sister joined them.

“She’s a motivational trainer, so she’s gone into full on bad-ass crisis dealing mode,” Zach marveled to The Hollywood Reporter about Amanda on the finish of April 2020. “If you look at her Instagram, she tells stories about him and she motivates other people—she’s literally trying to motivate other people.”

There was “a nonstop stream of people” visiting, the Scrubs star mentioned. “And [Nick] was in Rock of Ages, the show that they were doing out here, and his Rock of Ages cast literally takes turns taking the baby on stroller walks.”

On May 8, she shared the final picture of their household of three that was taken earlier than he was hospitalized on March 30 after which intubated on April 1. He was in a coma and had suffered a litany of issues, together with two small strokes and circulation bother that resulted in his proper leg being amputated.

“I ask God for a miracle and my Dad reminded me that God is answering my prayer everyday because he is still with us! Nick is a fighter and has not given up,” she wrote. “His doctors and nurses have been truly incredible.”

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