Mother sparks debate after explaining why she doesn’t ‘allow sleepovers’

A mom has sparked a debate on social media after revealing why she doesn’t permit her youngsters to have sleepovers.

Tara Huck, an influencer from Raleigh, North Carolina, who goes by the username @t.c.huck on TikTok, shared her “unpopular parenting opinion” in a video uploaded in October, through which she revealed that she “doesn’t allow” sleepovers, doesn’t restrict display screen time “as long as school and chores are done,” and if her youngsters don’t eat what she makes, “they don’t eat”.

In a follow-up remark, Huck elaborated on her rule concerning sleepovers, with the mom explaining that you simply “can’t trust what happens at someone else’s house” and that she doesn’t permit sleepovers at her personal home as a result of “that’s not fair”.

The video, which has been seen greater than 1.3m instances, prompted a debate within the feedback, with many viewers questioning Huck’s reasoning behind the no-sleepover rule.

“Unpopular for a reason,” one particular person commented, whereas one other stated: “I agree with all except the sleepover one. They gotta have a life.”

Someone else added: “As a kid that grew up in a loving and safe home but with strict parents, kids just need a break from home sometimes, it’s good for mental health. As long as you meet the parents, there should be no problem with a sleepover.”

However, others have been in settlement with Huck’s rule, with many others revealing that they comply with an identical rule in their very own houses, or that they perceive the place the influencer is coming from.

“We didn’t allow sleepovers either and my boys did just fine,” one viewer wrote, whereas one other stated: “Don’t see why it’s a big deal to NOT have sleepovers. The world is a crazy place these days. I do allow [my children] at certain places, but I see your point.”

In a follow-up video shared in November, Huck addressed the backlash over her parenting rule, through which she started by acknowledging the “absolute hate” that she acquired from viewers over her preliminary video.

According to Huck, she waited to handle the video, which she additionally posted to Instagram, “on purpose,” as she famous that “y’all were bent out of shape about it”.

The influencer then revealed that she has been subjected to dying threats and troll accounts “all because she doesn’t allow sleepovers”.

“Now, did I ever say that they don’t go to friends’ houses? Nope. Did I ever say that they don’t go anywhere ever? Also not,” Huck stated. “All I said was, sleepovers.”

Huck then went on to elucidate that she permits her youngsters to go to their pals’ homes, so long as the dad and mom are dwelling, and that “the only thing is that I pick them up for showers and bedtime”.

In the video, Huck additionally addressed a number of the feedback she’d acquired, with the mom referencing a screenshot of 1 remark from a viewer who had stated that “regarding the sleepovers, yes we had fun back in the day, but today if different… You don’t know what might happen somewhere else”.

In the remark, the viewer additionally famous the potential of a toddler being inappropriately touched at one other particular person’s home, earlier than including that “false accusations at your own house just might happen”.

According to Huck, she picked the remark as a result of it was the “culmination of everything that [she] meant by the no sleepovers”.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen,” Huck continued. “And it has nothing to do with me trusting my kids. It has nothing to do with me not wanting my kids to ‘have fun’. It has nothing to do with anything besides the fact that you cannot be positive that something won’t happen to your children at somebody else’s house, even if you trust those people.”

After acknowledging that there are a “million factors” that contribute to her reasoning, she added that she is just not “willing to risk” her childrens’ security for a sleepover.

Huck additionally defined that her rule additionally applies to what could occur at her personal home, because the mom stated that she has a son and a husband, earlier than claiming that “it takes two seconds for somebody to say something that will ruin your life”.

While chatting with Today concerning the controversial matter, the TikTok consumer elaborated on her reasoning, telling the outlet that she feels youngsters are at their “most vulnerable when they’re sleeping”.

“I’m just trying to eliminate one very small factor that could potentially harm them. If they could come out of their childhood without having had a very traumatic experience, whatever that experience could be, well, that’s all I’m trying to do,” she added.

However, in response to Dr Sara Douglas, a Manhattan paediatric neuropsychologist who spoke with Today, the subject of sleepovers ought to focus extra on “harm-reduction and prevention” fairly than a blanket ban.

“What makes a sleepover appropriate for a child is less about an age number and more about the individual child,” she stated, including that folks ought to contemplate whether or not their youngsters can comply with another person’s guidelines, whether or not their little one will likely be comfy in a brand new place, and whether or not their little one even needs to attend the sleepover.

Dr Douglas additionally acknowledged that folks ought to ask inquiries to make themselves comfy with the scenario, and that these can vary from subjects comparable to meals considerations to gun possession and storage.

“There aren’t any wrong questions, and there shouldn’t be any limitations on what a parent feels comfortable asking another parent,” she added.

The Independent has contacted Huck for remark.

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