Kareena Kapoor Or Saif Ali Khan, Who Is Lenient About Taimur’s Bedtime? She Says…


Kareena Kapoor Or Saif Ali Khan, Who Is Lenient About Taimur's Bedtime? She Says...

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  • Kareena Kapoor opened up about Taimur’s bedtime routine
  • “That is something I’m not ready to push as much,” she stated
  • “I want the kids to get like 12 hours of sleep,” she stated

New Delhi:

Kareena Kapoor, in an episode for Mansi Zaveri’s Raising Parents, opened up about her son Taimur’s bedtime routine and revealed that she will get “annoyed” when he stays up late. Kareena added that Saif Ali Khan is extra lenient with Taimur and typically, even insists he stays up after his bedtime in order that they will watch youngsters motion pictures collectively or spend extra time collectively. “The only thing that I think I am very finicky about is bedtime. I think that is something I’m not ready to push as much. I get annoyed because Saif sometimes, with the lockdown, he’s like ‘No, no, let him stay up, let’s watch a movie. Let’s watch Avengers, now they’re going through that phase or let’s watch an action film,’ and I’m like, ‘No, no, no, he has school tomorrow and it’s online’. So that is something Saif is lenient with,” stated the actress.

She added: “He’s (Saif) like, ‘Nahi, nahi, nahi, I haven’t seen him, let him stay up half an hour more.’ I’m like, ‘No, he has to go to bed’ because obviously, timings are haywire. And I hope, now with Jeh, I’m going to try and control that. I want the kids to get like 12 hours of sleep.”

While speaking to Mansi Zaveri, Kareena Kapoor shared how she divides her time between her two sons. The actress stated that she and Saif consider in “involving” their youngsters to participate of their lives. “I divide my time well. Like I know Taimur needs me at this point of time. You know I am lucky that he now wakes up later than Jeh so I know I have to be with Jeh for that hour while he has his breakfast and then once Jeh’s breakfast is done I know Taimur’s time is you know coming in,” stated Kareena and added: “So, I just balance it out. The idea is to not have too much pressure on like doing things. The idea is to involve children to take part in your daily life. It’s not like we have to do this and we have to do that. We are not those kind of parents.”

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan welcomed their second youngster Jeh in February this 12 months. The couple bought married in 2012 after relationship for some years. Taimur was born in December 2016.

On Tuesday, the household flew to Delhi to remain of their Pataudi Palace for a number of days.

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