Jordan Reynolds is making the best of a bad situation


It’s a arduous highway for some, however Jordan Reynolds is staying optimistic as he develops his skilled profession, writes John Dennen

JORDAN REYNOLDS turned skilled at the worst time. In March of final 2020, he left the GB squad, solely to see the sport throughout the nation and the world, shutdown in the first lockdown. But he made certain he stayed optimistic.

“I didn’t stop. I kept busy. I did a hell of a lot for my community while lockdown was going on,” Reynolds mentioned. “I made the best out of bad situation.”

He started doing deliveries of wholesome meals in his native space, holding in contact with folks. “People were really suffering,” he mentioned. “I simply wish to give again.

“We just wanted to make everyone positive.”

Reynolds is full of empathy for the issues persons are struggling with. In his personal childhood he went by means of hardship and opposed experiences. “I know how it is. I had nothing,” Reynolds mentioned. “When you’re stuck in the bubble and you’re on the estate you think that’s all there is in life… I just want to give people the hope. I was in and out of refuges, I was homeless and what not, I’ve seen a lot of abusive stuff growing up.”

“I had everything against me in life. I was a very confused kid, a very emotional kid,” he continued. “Some abusive stuff in the home, which was attributable to alcohol and bitterness, that was all the time rising up.

“I had so much hate. I was just a product of my environment.”

But he modified. “It’s possible, no matter your circumstances, you don’t have to be the most talented as long as you work hard, you’ll get there. It’s simple as that. There’s always someone there who’s more talented and what not. But I believe sticking at it, working hard, you always overtake them and that’s what I’ve always done,” Reynolds mirrored. “Time goes on and also you realise issues as you develop up.

“It’s alright not to be alright. It’s alright to have a little cry here and there and talk to someone, because you know what, you feel better after.”

Boxing helped him. “Even when I was at West Ham [as an amateur], I was first in the gym, the last one out. I was always in the gym, I was getting black eyes every week,” he mentioned. “Going to a boxing gymnasium, it releases all the pieces, it humbles you. I simply needed all the time to struggle … till I went to a boxing gymnasium and I received placed on my arse.

“It humbled me and it kept me disciplined.”

He had a good newbie profession, dropping to Ben Whittaker in the ABA finals earlier than successful the Elite nationwide championship at 75kgs in 2018 in addition to choosing up some good worldwide wins with GB. Finally he received to make his professional debut in March of this 12 months, boxing Robbie Chapman at slightly below the super-middleweight restrict.

“I jumped straight into the deep end. I didn’t have a journeyman who just lays down or runs around. He came to win. Robbie Chapman’s been around the block. He’s tough, durable. I believe I could have got him out there, if I had forced the pace and got scrappier. But from my amateur pedigree I’ve learned, when I’m winning, I’m winning. Especially with those little gloves, it’s different now. It takes one shot and that’s it,” Reynolds mentioned. “He’s basically a seasoned pro, he’s fought for the Southern Area title and things like that. So he’s a seasoned pro.”

He is now settling in with Alan Smith at the iBox gymnasium, beating Jan Ardon in June and he will likely be seeking to go 3-0 at the finish of this month or in October. “I was based in Ireland for a while, I wanted to get out of England, just keep away from distractions and what not, but I needed to be a bit nearer to my family. For my second pro fight I’ve been based in south London with Al Smith at iBox and Eddie Lam,” he mentioned. “Great gymnasium, nice folks, nice boxers, second professional struggle was towards Jan Ardon, who’s triggered some actual upsets. You seen what he achieved with John Hedges and he introduced his energy to Ricky Hatton’s boy [Brett McGinty who Hatton trains], he almost put him over. So he was a harmful fighter. I handled him very nicely. I confirmed my attributes. I confirmed what I wanted to point out. Everyone is aware of I can have a conflict, everybody is aware of I’m robust, I can take a shot. But I’m exhibiting that my defence is enhancing massively, I feel that’s the important factor.

“That was at middleweight as well. I’ll be going down to super-welterweight I reckon. I made the weight quite comfortable last time and still eating a lot. I’m just using this year as a learning year.”

Reynolds plans to proceed to enhance and hopes finally to stand up the ranks of Britain’s thrilling super-welterweight division. “It’s buzzing, it’s great for the fight fans, it’s great to be amongst it all and make some big fights for the future,” he says.

The final 18 months have been attempting however with Reynolds’ former teammates, that thrilling group of GB of Olympians, seeking to turnover, and with different prospects establishing themselves, the sport in the UK ought to expertise an upswing. “[For the Olympians] I’m delighted for them all,” Jordan mentioned. “Boxing in England is buzzing proper now. It’s a nice time to be in boxing.

“We’re all on different journeys. I wish the best for absolutely anyone in boxing because it’s a hard old game.”

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