Joanna Lumley says Princess Margaret was the ‘prototype’ for Absolutely Fabulous character


Joanna Lumley has stated that Princess Margaret was the “prototype” of her character in Absolutely Fabulous.

In the standard Nineties comedy collection, Lumley performed Patricia “Patsy” Stone, a hard-partying vogue director, reverse Jennifer Saunders’s Eddie Monsoon.

Speaking to Gyles Brandreth throughout a current occasion to advertise her new e-book about Elizabeth II, A Queen For All Seasons, Lumley addressed the character’s origins.

“[Princess Margaret] was a kind of prototype Patsy,” she stated (per The Mirror). “There was something so fabulous about her. So fabulous and so funny.”

She recalled a gathering with the royal at a drinks reception after the actor performed Elvira in a manufacturing of Blithe Spirit at the Vaudeville Theatre in 1986.

Lumley claimed: “At this moment in strange royal life, everybody said, ‘Princess Margaret is not allowed to drink at the moment. Do not have any drink in theatre, and don’t offer her any drink.’

“I thought, ‘You can’t have a reception with Princess Margaret and not offer any drink. This is insane’. She was looking pretty bored by the time I arrived.”

According to Lumley, the late Countess of Snowden then eliminated a bottle of whiskey she had hidden in her bag.

“She left the party, opened her bag, got out a small bottle of whisky and a packet of cigarettes, lit up, cigarette holder, and sat there smoking.”

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