Is Intermittent fasting good for everybody? Nutritionist Luke Coutinho explains if it’s right for you or not


“I have healthy people who eat breakfast and healthy people who don’t. Get out of the box and start listening to your body,” he wrote in his Instagram submit. “People in boxes rarely hit their goals and in fact get more frustrated because it doesn’t work for them in the long run,” he added.

He mentioned that some individuals really feel hungry within the morning and this makes them annoyed. In such a case it’s alright to eat, moderately than ruining your day. If you ate final night time, you might have breakfast after 10 am as you would possibly not really feel that hungry within the morning. But yesterday’s dinner was earlier than sundown, so you will definitely really feel famished within the morning.

As per Luke, it relies on how you really feel and the way you plan your day. If you really feel hungry eat, else wait.

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