How to catch every Islehopper in Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves performs host to a number of varieties of fish, together with the assorted types of Islehopper.

Islehoppers require no bait to be caught in Sea of Thieves. This makes them simpler to snag, however general, it is tough to catch every single sort. That is due to the sheer vastness of the Sea of Thieves world.

They aren’t as regionally-specific as different species of fish. Islehoppers can solely be discovered inside particular Large Island areas. That means you want to journey to at the very least 4 completely different islands if you need to catch every Islehopper in Sea of Thieves.

Where to discover every Islehopper in Sea of Thieves

1) Stone Islehopper

The Stone Islehopper. (Image via Rare)
The Stone Islehopper. (Image through Rare)

The Stone Islehopper is difficult to spot due to its darkish grey colour. It is finest to fish for them in the course of the day in Sea of Thieves. It is a reasonably frequent fish and may be discovered on the following places and coordinates:

  • Sailor’s Bounty: C-4
  • Cannon Cove: G-10
  • Shark Bait Cove: H-19
  • Shipwreck Bay: M-10
  • Crook’s Hollow: M-16
  • Fetcher’s Rest: V-12

2) Moss Islehopper

The Moss Islehopper. (Image via Rare)
The Moss Islehopper. (Image through Rare)

The inexperienced and yellow Moss Islehopper is way simpler to spot than its aforementioned counterpart. If you’re looking to catch one and promote it shortly, Wanderers Refuge is the most effective guess, as it’s subsequent to the Northstar Seaport.

Here are all of the places and coordinates for this Islehopper:

  • Wanderers Refuge: F-12
  • Lone Cove: H-6
  • Thieves’ Haven: L-20
  • Marauder’s Arch: Q-3
  • Ashen Reaches: V-23
  • Ruby’s Fall: Y-16

3) Honey Islehopper

The Honey Islehopper. (Image via Rare)
The Honey Islehopper. (Image through Rare)

Similar to the Sunny Splashtail, the Honey Islehopper is usually a tough fish to catch in Sea of Thieves. This Islehopper differentiates itself from its cousins with bulging black eyes. Catch one on the following coordinates:

  • Crescent Isle: B-9
  • Discovery Ride: E-17
  • Plunder Valley: G-16
  • The Sunken Grove: P-7
  • Kraken’s Fall: R-12
  • The Devil’s Thirst: W-21

4) Raven Islehopper

The Raven Islehopper. (Image via Rare)
The Raven Islehopper. (Image through Rare)

The Raven Islehopper is one of the rarest fish in Sea of Thieves. It is difficult to discover one in the primary place, however its darkish colour additional complicates attempting to find one at night time.

Your finest guess is to find a Raven Islehopper in the Large Islands the place additionally, you will discover an Amethyst Islehopper. Since the latter is just accessible in the course of the night time, which means the one Islehopper in that space is the Raven.

5) Amethyst Islehopper

The Amethyst Islehopper. (Image via Rare)
The Amethyst Islehopper. (Image through Rare)

As talked about, the Amethyst Islehopper can solely be discovered at night time in Sea of Thieves. It glows shiny purple and could be very simple to spot. The solely setback is having to wait till one other nighttime cycle takes place.

If you need to get your fingers on the Amethyst Islehopper and Raven Islehopper, search in the next areas:

  • Mermaid’s Hideaway: B-13
  • Smuggler’s Bay: F-3
  • Snake Island: Ok-16
  • Old Faithful Isle: Ok-16
  • The Crooked Masts: O-11
  • Devil’s Ridge: P-19
  • Flintlock Peninsula: W-14

Catching these Islehoppers is simpler stated than accomplished. However, with the coordinates and places talked about above, gamers have a reasonably easy process at hand.

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