Daniel Craig opens up about ‘traumatic’ experience of filming James Bond with a broken leg


Daniel Craig has opened up about his “traumatic” experience of filming James Bond with a broken leg.

The actor injured himself whereas filming the final Bond movie, Spectre. He was meant to have an operation on his leg, however pushed it again in order to not interrupt the filming schedule.

Appearing on ITV’s Being James Bond documentary, which aired on Sunday (26 September) night time, Craig mentioned the ache of filming following his accident.

“I had a lot of fun on [Spectre] but part of the problem was that I broke my leg,” he stated.

“We had a choice. We could shut down for nine months and I could go and get an operation, or I could crack on with the movie and I didn’t want to shut down for nine months.”

Explaining how he wore a bionic leg however saved doing his personal stunts for the remainder of the filming course of, Craig stated that he discovered the experience to be “massively distracting” and “traumatic”.

“I had to psychologically juggle my physical state,” he stated, including that the leg would generally “give way” as a result of of his harm.

“At the beginning of the movie, I climb out of a window and walk down a ledge… I am literally going, ‘Don’t give way, don’t give way’,” he recalled.

“I have a wire on, but it’s very traumatic. I am trying to be cool but my leg is shot.”

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli added that Craig may “barely walk” resulting from his “excruciating pain” and stated that she didn’t understand how he managed to proceed filming.

Last yr, Craig stated that the accident had performed into his resolution to not proceed taking part in the key agent past No Time To Die, which is launched on Thursday (30 September).

“I had to question myself, was I physically capable of doing [another one] or did I want to do another one? Because that phone call to your wife saying, ‘I’ve broken my leg’ is not pleasant,” he stated.

Craig married fellow actor Rachel Weisz in 2011.

No Time To Die is launched on Thursday 30 September

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