Bachelorette: James Weir recaps episode 2 | Brooke’s frontrunner called out


In lower than 24 hours, Brooke’s Bachelorette favorite has already been uncovered for dangerous behaviour. James Weir recaps.

Only one evening into The Bachelorette and Brooke’s frontrunner is uncovered for dangerous behaviour – a revelation that’s foreshadowed properly by the very fact he’s sporting a turtleneck.

Are all individuals who put on turtlenecks villainous? Not in any respect. But there’s a distinctive confidence individuals really feel once they put on a turtleneck. An perspective. Turtleneck-itude.

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But we’re not right here for trivial dramas. We’re above that. The actual purpose we tune in on Thursday evening is to see Part II of The Chair Thief combat.

Konrad’s nonetheless spewin’. And when it comes time for the boring photoshoot group date, after all producers pair him together with his arch nemesis, The Chair Thief. What’s the very first thing he does? HE STEALS THE LAST CHAIR. What a champion. It’s all the time fantastic to see the underdog win for a change.

But, as a result of she’s an skilled chair thief, she stops at nothing and steals a chair of a special sort.

What’s the purpose of this photoshoot date anyway?

“These photos are gonna be in newspapers all over Australia. It feels cool. So many people are gonna see me,” one extraordinarily down-to-earth man explains to us.

The Bachelorette might have made big developments this season, however some issues by no means change. What’s deliberate for tonight’s first one-on-one date? A Red Balloon voucher helicopter journey on an overcast day.

After the helicopter narrowly avoids flying into the attention of the storm, the pilot lands in a distant discipline. Brooke and Darvid then get tangled in metres of faux ivy and kiss.

When it comes time for the cocktail get together, all of the dweebs who didn’t get to go on the group date petition to talk to Brooke first. Sounds honest, huh? Well, Darvid has different plans. Fresh from his single date and protected with a rose, he struts previous the queue of dweebs and nabs Brooke. They’re all shocked however we’re not shocked. For the massive cocktail get together, he has turned into a turtleneck. He’s dripping in turtleneck-itude.

Some chick called Emily is positively miffed. “My initial reaction is, ‘D**k’,” she says of Darvid. “I hate that. I just find it so … muggy.”

Thanks for the terrific sound chunk Emily! We can’t wait to steal your phrase and describe somebody as “muggy” within the close to future.

And she’s not completed. Because that is The Bachelorette, there’s just one factor left for her to do: confront Darvid.

“You’ve got your own brain, your own two feet, you went and did what you did and I’m just gonna keep you at an honest distance and I’m no longer trusting you,” she begins babbling.

She thinks it is a actually searing monologue however we zone out and begin admiring that the mansion now has each cheesy pink champagne flutes and cheesy inexperienced champagne flutes.

At the rose ceremony, one man goes residence. Who? Eh. This man. Don’t know the identify. He appears muggy.

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