Alec Baldwin taking pictures: Crew member slams gun safety practices on set


The location supervisor for the movie Rust has slammed the “unnecessary and dangerous” practices that led to cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ demise.

The location supervisor for the movie Rust has opened up in regards to the tragic accident wherein actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, slamming the “unnecessary and dangerous” practices that led to her demise.

Stacey Evans was working with different crew members round 1.6km away from the set when Baldwin discharged a prop gun throughout filming for the low-budget Western, killing Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

“We didn’t know what was going on, but there were multiple helicopters, police, ambulances … it was terrifying, actually. It’s still even difficult to talk about,” Evans mentioned throughout an interview with Bridge, Spida & Flan on 92.5 Triple M Gold Coast this morning.

“There are massive protocols to stop these things from happening, there are multiple checks. It starts with the props people and the armorist – their job is to make sure these weapons are safe,” she continued.

The movie’s armorist, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed has been below intense scrutiny because the accident, and it was immediately revealed the final film she labored on was briefly stopped after she allegedly gave a gun to an 11-year-old with out checking it correctly.

But Evans identified that Gutierrez-Reed was only one in numerous steps that ought to have taken place to make sure the gun was getting used safely.

“The armorist was very young, she was 24 – does that mean she was the one that messed up? Not necessarily. There are stages: the armorist checks the gun. The assistant director checks the gun. The key grip checks the gun. These are all people that are involved in safety protocols, no matter what’s going on on set. Then, very lastly, the actor checks the gun. There are four to five people in this stage and somehow, there was a failure,” she mentioned.

“This was obviously a real weapon, and this particular weapon was supposed to be loaded with blanks and that is what everyone thought, and it was checked and double checked, and triple checked … supposedly. That obviously didn’t happen and somewhere along the lines it fell through the cracks.”

Evans additionally gave new perception into the discord on-set earlier than the deadly accident, revealing that “most of the crew” nearly went on strike two weeks in the past “because of the unsafe work conditions, long working hours and not great wages for everyone.” The strike was averted and “a small deal” was made.

The prolific Hollywood location supervisor mentioned she considered the usage of harmful weapons as an “unnecessary” threat on set and hoped this tragedy would spur the trade to vary.

“We have CGI, we have green screen, we can do all of these things these days. Why do we actually have to have a weapon that is loaded on a set with all of these people around? It is unnecessary, it is dangerous,” she mentioned.

“We do a lot of dangerous stuff every day – we blow stuff up, we land helicopters in the middle of roads – but this is something that’s unnecessary. Let’s have fake weapons and use CGI.”

Evans’ feedback come as disturbing new claims come to gentle in regards to the safety procedures in place through the making of the movie.

A brand new report claims that the prop gun that killed Hutchins had been utilized by crew members offsite “for fun.”

Multiple sources related to the movie informed TMZ that the gun was fired at off-the-clock gatherings – which can clarify how a stay spherical discovered its manner into the gun’s chamber.

Amid the hypothesis, Baldwin – who is claimed to be devastated by the tragedy and has reportedly cancelled his upcoming initiatives – has been photographed visiting with Hutchins’ husband and younger son.

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