Ajay Devgn pens down a note for his 20-year-old self

It’s National Youth Day and to commemorate it, actor Ajay Devgn shared a superbly written note to his 20-year-old-self. In the note, he spoke about how he was shy and unconventional in his methods when he was younger however all of it pays off in the long term. 

Ajay Devgn young.

Devgn began the note saying, “Dear 20-year-old me, you are making your mark in this new world as an actor… Let me be honest, you are going to face some brutal rejections. Shy and unconventional, you will try your hardest to fit in but fail… spectacularly! People’s criticisms and doubts will be hard, it’ll make you question your dreams. You will fail more than you will succeed.” The actor added in his note, “But spoiler alert, it is all going to be price it…as a result of someday slowly however certainly, you will realise, being your self will be your best energy. So stumble a little however do not cease.”

Ajay Devgn

He additional added that he ought to learn to dance as a result of it’s going to assist him sooner or later, “Keep pushing the boundaries and don’t let the world’s expectations turn into inhibitions. “Always be true, all the time be you.” PS_ Learn easy methods to dance and it will provide help to in the long term. Love, an older, wiser and higher wanting you.”

Read the complete put up beneath. 

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