5 relationship tips by bestselling author Preeti Shenoy



Having authored bestsellers like ‘Love A Little Stronger’, ‘When Love Came Calling’, ‘Why We Love the Way We Do’ and 9 different books, Preeti Shenoy has fairly an enormous following amongst readers in India. Even although all of her books don’t belong to the romance style, they’ve been categorically reasonable to the purpose of being relevant in actual life. Her 2021 launch, a self-help guide titled ‘The Magic Mindest’ is an all-round information to attaining an optimum steadiness between the self and the world, which additionally consists of her area of interest, love and romance. Here we deliver to you 5 tips by Preeti Shenoy for placing the right steadiness in a relationship so that it’ll not solely improve your relationships but additionally your life!

Photo: Preeti Shenoy; HarperCollins India